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The benefits of having a great credit score are inarguable. Americans who keep their financial standing in sterling condition are able to save thousands of dollars over their lifetime by obtaining home loans, student loans, credit cards and other forms of essential borrowing at more affordable rates.

Still skeptical? Simply review the difference shaving a few points off your interest rates can make. According to some estimates, those who secure a 5 percent interest rate on a $250,000 home loan can save roughly $100,000 more than those with a 7 percent interest rate on the same financial extension.

Still, raising your credit score requires hard work and effort, especially for individuals who have defaulted or missed payments in the past. In these cases, Americans who are looking to put their financial future back on a track toward a more comfortable retirement or more affordable lifestyle can pursue a helping hand in the form of credit score tips and solutions that lead to true consumer credit repair.

At the Credit Repair Law Firm Chartered, our decade of experience in the business and time-tested credit restoration and credit improvement services can make a real difference for our customers. By reviewing our top products and services for individuals, you can make a change today that can lead to real financial change.

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Bad Credit Is A Problem That Will Not Disappear... Take Action Today.

Our law office concentrates on credit restoration and verification. We are proud to assist and help thousands of people to successfully overcome their credit problems. As a result, our clients have been able to obtain lower interest loans, new credit cards, reduced rate mortgages and new car loans. We can help you too.

The Credit Repair Law Firm Chartered
  • Has Removed Unverified Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Judgments, Charge-Offs, Repossessions, Late Payments And Tax Liens From Our Clients' Credit Reports
  • Will Demand That The Credit Reporting Agencies Prove The Claims That Appear On Your Credit Report
  • Has Removed Unverified And Incorrect Information From Our Clients' Credit Reports
  • Has An Outstanding Removal Success Rate.
There Is A Solution to Credit Problems... And You've Taken The First Step.

By asking for our help, you've realized that bad credit is more than just the embarrassment of being rejected for a credit card, a lease, the purchase of a new car or even a department store charge account. Bad credit will cost you thousands of additional dollars over the years because if you cannot qualify for standard credit terms, you pay higher interest rates (which is money out of your pocket) as a result of the negative items on your credit report.

A consumer file exists on every individual that has ever applied for or received credit. There are three major credit reporting agencies that collect, retain and distribute as much negative information as they can find. That negative information can remain on your credit report for 7 to 10 years and will prevent you from obtaining credit and achieving your goals and desires. The law states that negative information of any type that cannot be verified must be removed from your credit report regardless of the initial cause of these items to appear on your report. According to Consumer Reports, 48% of all credit reports contain errors.

The credit report improvement process is different for every client and depends on the amount of negative and incorrect information listed on the credit report. However, some negative items have been removed in as little as 4 months. You may provide us with three current credit reports or we will obtain them for you. Although you may endeavor to repair your own credit, the process is cumbersome and requires dedication and knowledge to avoid creating any further complications.

You Can Afford This!

Each month our office will conduct a credit verification audit on each credit bureau report, analyze the information and address the credit concerns on each report. The total monthly cost is only $99.95. There are no additional fees or costs to you. Reminder: Credit reporting agencies are in business to protect their interest. We are in business to help and protect you. .


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