Building Credit in Your Business Name

Admin Manager - Monday, September 21, 2015
Business Credit Business Credit, sometimes referred to as Trade Credit, is credit that is established under a business’s name. Business credit permits a business owner to use their business credit profile and score for financing not their personal credit score and profile. One of the reasons business credit is so appealing is that business owners can commonly qualify with no personal-guarantee (PG). This means business owners can access ca ..

What you DON'T know About CREDIT

Admin Manager - Monday, September 21, 2015
Today we have grown to a nation in search of instant gratification, l buy now pay later syndrome. So, without a good credit rating it will be very difficult to get the things you want at the time you want them. Consumer credit has been accepted as a substitute for cash, so that good credit is the key to the future. As a consumer it is to your benefit to fully understand how credit works and every aspect of what is involved when you apply for any type of credit, including the maj ..